Web solutions

Delivering your project from start to finish.


We seamlessly integrate shop functionality into your website, either by interfacing with your specialized e-commerce tool or by using the e-commerce module for Magnolia CMS that we have initiated and co-developed.


  • Business analysis
  • Product configuration
  • E-payment
  • Coupon & discount solutions
  • Currencies & tax rates
  • Interfaces to CRM, ERP & PIM systems

Implementation of e-commerce site and consolidation of three legacy systems into one enterprise CMS.

Digitalization & strategy

Our background in tech & business combined with our analytical skills make us uniquely suited to support your digitalization efforts now and in the future. Our goal is to always show you the most sustainable solution.


  • Strategy & business analysis
  • Proof of concept (poc)
  • Partner network

Magnolia expertise for the payment app & custom extension of the CMS.

Frontend & single page apps

Lightweight use of the latest frontend technologies and JavaScript frameworks help us achieve a quality user experience (UX). Your clients will appreciate our easy, interactive and fast single page app based websites.


  • HTML & CSS (Sass/SCSS)
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Aurelia, Svelte, Angular, Vue.js, Ember.js, Lit, etc.
  • Node.js, NPM, Webpack, JSPM & SystemJS
  • Automated unit & end-to-end tests
  • Prototypes with mock data & style guides

Integration of third-party systems into the enterprise CMS & training of in-house developers.


We design and implement web-based enterprise solutions. Solid technical work, focus on the user and personal service is what sets us apart.


  • Webdesign & UX
  • Architecture & Programming
  • Quality Assurance, Consulting
  • Hosting & Maintenance
IV-Stelle Kanton Bern

New web presence and extranet for secure document sharing.


As a long-time official partner of the Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) Magnolia, we provide the highest level of consulting, implementation and maintenance services. We appreciate Magnpolia's open architecture and its outstanding performance. Our clients appreciate its intuitive editing features and the favorable cost/benefit ratio.


  • Configuration
  • Extension & custom functionality
  • Integration of third-party systems & interfaces
  • Content hub
  • Templates
  • Personalization

Using categories for news and events, and featuring visual timeline in online annual report.

Hybrid & headless CMS

Using a hybrid CMS as a content hub means easy content management for editors. The data can then be used on a website (i.e. the traditional "head") as well as in smartphone apps and on different devices – think: Internet of Things or IoT (i.e. "headless" or "hybrid" if both are used).


  • Design of data structures
  • Import & export of data
  • REST, SOAP, GraphQL & Websocket
  • Layer for enriching data from legacy systems
  • Simple input screens

Headless CMS for a Node.js website.


It doesn't always have to be an app! Progressive Web Applications (PWA) can be developed and maintained easily and offer everything an information app needs. This includes access to camera, location and more if permitted by the users. Additionally, the PWA can be installed just like every other app and even be used offline!


  • Offline usage
  • Location queries using GPS
  • QR code scanning
slowUp yourself!

Progressive Web Application with location detection for visiting checkpoints on the slowUp bike tours.

Search engines

We carefully analyze the requirements and propose the best search solution for your needs. With our inhouse search experts, we are able to develop cutting-edge solutions if custom search functionality is mission-critical for your business.


  • Apache Solr & ElasticSearch
  • Full-text search (web pages, PDF & other documents, structured data, etc.)
  • Operator, phrase & fuzzy search
  • Enhanced by machine learning where appropriate
Pro Senectute

Search functionality with Apache Solr incl. fuzzy search and inclusion of PDF, shop and course data.

Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence

We can strenghen your expertise with artificial intelligence and deep learning. From Personalization to intelligent automatization of your business processes, we can implement effective solutions for your competitive advantage.


  • Personalization of user experience
  • Intelligent assistant
  • Natural language processing
  • Integrated expert systems
  • Process automation & data processing

Quality & agility

Thanks to our agile work culture using Scrum and Kanban, we offer effective project management and high quality deliverables. In line with our vision "Make technology enjoyable".


  • Project management
  • Manual quality assurance
  • Automated unit, integration & end-to-end tests
  • Bug & issue management
  • Iterative user & stakeholder feedback
  • Two certified Scrum Masters

Insurance premium calculator tightly integrated into their website delivering online quotes & digital contracts.


The efforts of our DevOps engineers are immensely increasing the productivity of our developers and reducing the time-to-market for our clients. Magnolia has called our setup "impressive".


  • Automated tests
  • Containerization with Kubernetes
  • Any number of ad hoc test environments
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
Pro Senectute

Online calculator for social security benefits, course registration system & online shop.


Through our partner MiroNet, we offer hosting that is perfectly integrated into our DevOps environment. For service and support, we can tailor solutions to your budget and your needs.


  • Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • VPN connection to the client network
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Training & documentation
  • Support via email & telephone
SchweizMobil Plus

E-commerce platform for online geodata subscription service.

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