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Anne Meister
Scrum Master

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In general

You have a right to privacy. That is the (data protection) law of the land. It also states the right to protect yourself from the misuse of personal data. We're playing by these rules – not least because we have to!

We do our very best to protect your data from loss, misuse or falsification. Still, we cannot control all hackers in the world and you should know that, when communicating through the internet (e-mail), there's always the possibility of security gaps. That's not our fault, though!

When you're on our website, we'll know which pages you've been on and when. But personal data (name, address, e-mail address) is not our concern – and thus, we won't save it.

As you know, Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, so we're also bound by the GDPR. If you're reading this and you're not living in Switzerland, please click here. These are the EU rules we're playing by – we just couldn't be bothered to copy them in.


All letters, symbols and spaces on this website belong to us! Exceptions are images and icons, which we've received by our partners (more information in the imprint). Stealing texts or images from us is punishable – so better ask for permission first!


Visit the website at your own risk – fundamentally, we won't accept any and all liability. And, as usual, parents are liable for their children. 

We're trying hard texting for this website, but nobody's perfect, so there might be a mistake or too. No responsibility will be assumed for that case. And, as this is our own website, we might edit and delete texts as it suits us.

From time to time, we've linked to other websites. Whatever content is on these websites has no connection to us.


You know what cookies are, right? No? Click here. We're saving one of those, too – namely, the one that makes our cookie disclaimer work. If you don't want that, scurry over to your browser preferences and disable it there.


Our website, our rules. This declaration will be changed whenever necessary. Applicable is the version online.

Bern, 05.11.2019

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